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Monday, May 30, 2011

Dead bluebirds.....

This crazy weather we've been having is playing havoc with much of the wildlife on our property.  Three days ago the high was in the upper 50's, today it's in the lower 90's.  We've had nearly non-stop rain for what seems like months. I had been monitoring one of our bluebird boxes in the east prairie  grass field. Last week I checked it and found some young bluebirds in the nest. I hadn't noticed the parents around the box at all lately, but given all the rain we had been having I hadn't been walking the edges of the fields as much as usual. This evening, armed with my new Kodak playsport, I headed over to the bluebird box. I wanted to get some video of the young bluebirds. The young were dead and covered with ants. I cleaned out the nest box and washed it down. Hopefully the pair will  start over.

We've got a pair of doves that like to nest in the clematis that's on one of the arbors. They're down to just one nestling left. I took out the dead ones yesterday. Three pairs of barn swallows are busy building nests on top of our shutters.

 Smooth penstemon is in bloom in the fields and the hummingbirds are busy with it.

Lorrie and I spent the weekend playing catch-up in the landscaping beads. We're still behind.


  1. Just finished reading your entire blog. I don't know where to start. We're arriving for our first stay in about 6 weeks and all the preparations are made. Sounds like we should make some dining reservations based on your recommendation and a rough grocery list. Actually, I think we may be staying in the same suite you reserved at Hacienda Tamarindo.
    Your beach days have me thinking of 1 or 2 extra things to pack.
    Thanks so much for every word. We can hardly wait!

  2. Brandi,

    Thank you for the kind words. Being able to share our experiences on the island and maybe also in the process help some other people to discover Vieques makes it all worth while.