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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Out of sorts....


Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me.

Is there anyone at home?

Come on, now,

I hear you're feeling down.

Well I can ease your pain

Get you on your feet again.


Pink Floyd/ Comfortably Numb

As I've already said in previous posts since our return, the transition back has been  tough for Lorrie and I.  We're not sure  why it seems so much different this time. The novelty of Vieques has definately wore off, but not exactly in the way we had expected. It's becoming really comfortable for us. We feel at ease when we're there and we miss it a lot. Is it because we're away from work and all the responsibilities of our life here in Indiana? We honestly don't know, but tend to feel that might be part of it. 

The weather since we've returned has been poor.

No...it's been depressening as hell. We've had, in the last two weeks only two days with some real sunshine. The below radar pattern seemed to be a permanant fixture here across Indiana:

I grabbed that screen-shot right as I sat down to write this post.

It's not been a total wash-out this weekend though. We had a break yesterday evening late and I was able to get out and take a walk back to the point. I even went way back deep to the far edge of the property and found a couple of my old friends.  It was so nice to get some fresh air. I took a few pictures along the way.

This is a buffer I keep mowed between the praire grass fields and the woods. Hooking around this leads to the path we take back to the point.

One of the bluebird houses on the property. The grasses turn a beautiful color this time of year.

I had ran the mower down the path right before we left for Vieques this time. The moss along the path seems to do better when I keep the leaves off of it.

I had a photography course in college. About half way through the semester the proff complained that all of my shots were in the evening with long shadows. She suggested I try and get some shots in different light. Actually it was the only time of day I had to take the shots. I still like long shadows.

I put this swing in when Jessica was probably 7 or 8. Not much use for a 20 year old college student now.

As you can see the fire pit hasn't seen much use either. Lorrie and I usually spend quite a lot of time back here, but this year it was either too wet (spring), too hot (summer) or too wet again (fall). Weird weather. But it's all still waiting on us.

Here's a shot off of the deck, the place Lorrie and I like to sit when the weather is nice. Reminds me of a Cialis commerical, sans tubs.

Outhouse looks kinda lonely standing there all by itself. There's a story why it was built. One evening while Lorrie and I were enjoying the deck and a pitcher of gin/tonics, I walked over to a tree to relieve myself, guy style. Lorrie complained that she had to walk all the way back to the house (actually the ATV was over there but she can't really drive it). She said "You should build me an outhouse over here". So I did.  We've talked about building a little cabin back here too.

I walked past the outhouse way down into the woods. On the way down I noticed all the moss growing on the roots of this maple tree, evidence of all the rain we've had lately. I decided to make my way back up one of the large ravines. I hadn't been in that part of the woods for a very long time. I came across a pair of our lawn chairs from when we first built the house.

Now before you start thinking that I just dump garbage in our woods let me explain, there's a story here. Where we live it can be very windy. We've got nearly 400 acres across from us and the wind howls across it. We had bought these chairs when we were building the house. They came from Sears and were not cheap at all. I had them sitting on the front porch of the house, before I had the railing installed.  After the third time of digging them out of the ravine, yes they blew off the porch all the way across the yard and into the ravine, gettting bent up and mangled in the process...after the third time I said enough, the woods can claim them.  I'm not trying to salvage the chairs again. I did get all the railing installed on the porch. Now when the "new" chairs blow across the porch they take out a spindle or too.

It was getting late so I started making my way back. I took this shot of the indian grass.

The indian grass really shines when the sun is low on the horizon. I like the way it looks this time of year.



  1. Curt, we can certainly understand & even relate to your pining for the beach, but your property is spectacular, and that day looks amazing for December! It reminds us of the place we vacationed this past October. You seem to have gone out of your way to look on the bright side, which is good, and from our perspective we can only say that you guys seem to be two lucky people! So, be strong! Only a few weeks more!

  2. Sounds like we're having a pity party down here in Indiana doesn't it. We really don't like the cold, can't imagine how you two deal with it. If your referring to "The Folly at Honeywell Hill", Lorrie and I loved that place. The Sunset Folly was great and gave us ideas for our little cabin, if we ever build it. Those were beautiful pictures you took.

    And your right...we are lucky, for a plethora of reasons. Right now I'm lucky because my wife makes fantastic rouladen and I'm enjoying it. mmmmm....