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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Playa Plata Players....

Just got an email from our good friends David and Andrea. David attached a short film clip  they created while spending time on La Plata. Those of you who follow this blog will know who this little skit is about.




  1. Love it. I totally get it!!

  2. Any updates about the leaf head? :)

    1. If the chatter on TripAdvisor is any indication, he's gotten worse, which is a real disappointment. I would have thought that after myself and Judy/Andre spoke with his superior that he would have toned down. It appears this has not been the case. I spoke with Zach on our last day on Vieques. I saw him on La Plata and just didn't want any bad karma before I left. He seemed sincere and told me how his interaction with me had been bothering him, even to the point that he had spoken with his wife about it. The guy I was speaking with then seemed totally different than the "Federali" that came at me our first time. If he's reverted back to the way he was, it's only a matter of time before he crosses the wrong person. We could all work together to make the refuge even better if he could learn that it's not his own personal playground where he gets to be king and master. I would encourage people to report him if he in any way harasses them.

    2. When we are there in August, we will keep an watchfull eye out for sure. We have gotten to know a few of the officers in past years. Maybe it would help if we ran into them, and we're able to chat. ...the funny thing is, the officers we had become friendly with, almost arrested my partner b/c we didn't relaize there was a "conch season" and he was collecting them. opps!