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Friday, July 5, 2013

Incense aficionados....

We have for a very long time been lovers of quality incense. Now I'm not talking about the cheap bamboo sticks that are dipped in some pseudo aromatherapy chemical laden concoction that you see at the mini-marts next to the 5 hour energy shots. No I mean the real deal, centuries old formulas that have been used by sages, the really good sheit. I have for a very long time been buying Tibetan and Bhutanese incense. Our favorites have been Nado Poizokhang grade A, Labrang Tibetan Monastery Incense and Dzogchen Monastary - Lotus Ground Incense. Lately I've had some problems getting my hands on these particular blends, so much to the point that we're about out, YIKES!!!  On a whim I decided to branch out and try something/s new. I first consulted the Olfactory Rescue ,to at the very least, point me in the right direction, metaphorically. I have to say, and what is the motivation for this post, they sure didn't let me down.  We've found a new favorite, if not one of the very best incense we've ever experienced. That being The Tibetan Medial College Holy Land. This is a very fine incense and if you've got any hankering for a good burn give this a try. What can I say, we're just a couple of stoners at heart.

 Speaking of which, I did a search on the urban dictionary for "stoner" and came up with this, which gave me quite a laugh:

a verry peaceful person who smokes weed often. and is often talked down on by retarded ass people who drink,smoke fags,pop diet pills and cheat their lives away by thinking that their athletic skills and good looks are actually going to mean a goddamn after they find out that life actually gets hard and that their parents money wont buy them happiness
wow....that stoner actually has a good job,makes more money than i do and doesnt really have to work hard...other than me who thought that my football skills would get me a job and im stuck working the drive through at taco bell at 28.
Gotta luv it


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