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Monday, September 2, 2013

Nearly free trip to the beach...

Around this time each year, Lorrie and I really began getting excited about heading back to Vieques. We many times pull up old videos to watch, reliving past experiences and adding to our anticipation. We're now less than 9 weeks out from our November trip and this morning finds us once again watching old videos. In the process   I stumbled upon the below video (which is not one we shot.)  How about 3 hours of an uninterrupted white sand beach vista (it's actually only 26 seconds but is morphed into 3 hours. There might be more clips making up the total. None the less it's well done.) So,  if your missing Vieques like we do, just sit down and chillax. So pour a scotch or crack open a Medalla facsimile  and you'll almost be there. Enjoy (give the video 20  seconds and the resolution will kick up to a totally clear video)



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