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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Welcome Back......

Can it be possible that it was four years ago  that we made our first trip to Vieques? Amazing. The whole reason for  me beginning this blog was to document our first trip (we hadn't taken a family vacation in a very long time), the catalyst of  which was to celebrate my daughter's graduation from high school and transition into college. Since that first visit Lorrie and I have been going back to Vieques regularly and the process falling in love with the place. It was our daughter who picked out Vieques for her graduation trip (I had initially picked the El Conquistador on the main island).  I can still remember her telling me "Dad, the El Conquistador is too commercial for us, let's find someplace more real." Since that  first trip she's not been back  and reminds me  regularly of the fact.  But she's going back next June and this time it's to celebrate her graduation from college and entrance into Med School.  To say we're proud of her is an understatement, she continues to amaze me.   So, welcome back Jess you've earned it.

 This is her 4 years ago on La Chiva, can't wait to see her smiling on that beach again. And for even more nostalgia.....that's  the very first cabana she's standing next to.

We (Lorrie, I and Mr Crab) fly out in one week.  Life really is good.


  1. Can't wait for your posts!! I live vicariously through you two. However, having been to both islands many times, Culebra is our favorite!!!

  2. Hey, I'm going too, actually leaving Nov 9th but maybe we'll run into each other, it's a small island. Safe travels to ALL of you, including mr. crab :)

    1. Mr Crab came from your neck of the woods, we plan on returning him in that area. Maybe we will see ya.