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Monday, August 31, 2015


I do hesitate about this, it's almost like if I mention it I will bring bad luck and misfortune to  our endeavor. But here it goes:

We've signed all the paperwork,  well at least what I have been told of thus far.
We've put monies down.
Now we wait.........................

If you've been in Los Chivos you should know this house. We've driven by it for years. I remember thinking to myself  "what a lucky SOB that owns that place."

It has, most everything we've been looking for:
Multiple places to hang out
One level
Roof top deck
Center island location
Enough property for me to garden
Quiet, oh so very quiet. 

What it has that we WEREN'T  looking for is a lawsuit involving property lines. Resolving this will probably take an eternity. But we're ready and patient. 

None the less, it feels like home, well at least to me, Lorrie hasn't even seen it yet. She'll get her first glimpse in 10 weeks. 

So there it is. I hope it works out. We love the area and the house. Our journey begins. 



  1. We cannot WAIT to visit in February! You two have us so excited!

  2. One more thing....Congrats! I hope things with the house continue to go as planned!

    1. Thanx Becky, it will be a one helluva ride, that much is guaranteed. And believe me, Feb will be here before you know it.


  3. That's great Curt I hope you can pull it off. Did you keep the dogs? I'll be down on the 29th for ten days hoping to finalize a deal on a house we found. If you decide not to keep the dogs Steph is thinking we will take them. If I can check on anything or do anything for you while I'm there just let me know. Congrats

    1. Far from a done deal Jon, as your well aware of. We can't really claim any ownership of the dogs, we don't even "own" the house. I am sure that David, the property manager and the person feeding them, would be more than happy to give them a home. Have you meet him? He's the chef at Tradewinds and manages the property next door.

      You've piqued my curiosity, what did you two end up buying? Might we end up being neighbors?

      It will be one heck of a long journey for Lorrie and I, years. There's lots of fix/change in the house and that only begins AFTER the lawsuit and when/if we are able to close.

    2. No we never meet David we were dealing with Helen. She did tell us the dogs could go with the deal or they would find a home for them. I will stop by Tradewinds and talk with him end of the month. The house we are hoping to close on is on 201 in Florida. It needs lots of work but comes with two acres of land. We will be adding a second floor so we will have a view of the north shore and PR. This will be our third attempt to close on a house there in less than a year. The house you are buying was our first pick we just loved it like you do.

      If this deal falls apart Steph just wants to buy the land down the street from you in Los Chivos and build. We are still young (52) and Steph retires at the end of this year so she is ready to get down there full time.

      If you get the house and need the counters done. We were going to do cement with epoxy coating. I can help you with that. We did them in our house up in NC. I can send you pictures.

    3. Yes, would love to see the counter tops. You can use the link in the upper right of the blog to contact me, thanks.

    4. Congrats to the two of you! Hope the deal goes through. The two of you remind us of, well, us! We found your blog while discovering Vieques for ourselves, and property hunting. We purchased our home in Jan'14. Must admit I slacked off reading about your adventures since we've been busy with our own! Welcome!

  4. Thumbs up to you and Lorrie! We will be thinking of you and hoping all goes smoothly. Lou and Stan

  5. Hey Curt.....long time! It appears you and Lorries have been spending time in the tropics. Would love to catch up sometime. Michelle and I moved to Palm Harbor, FL last year. Sure don't miss the cold winters back home.

    My email address is daniel.l.trueblood@gmail.com.
    If you get a chance send me your cell phone# and I will try to call

    Happy for you two!

  6. I'll also take the time to say Thanx! Your blog was very helpful! Taught me everything I needed to know! Looking forward to my 3rd trip in March 2016!