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Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Beginings

Bluebirds have left the nest. I've not seen any around the box, either alive or dead. Hopefully they all make it. I'll be looking for them over the next few days. Indigo buntings are now feeding with the finches on the feeders in the front of the house. How do I know this? Because I've had a bit more time lately to take it all in. The din of the television has finally disappeared from our home. I had been wanting to cancel the satellite service we've had, for over 15 years now, for a long time. Direct TV raised my bill one too many times. They crossed my price/value threshold. $83 a month is too much. For now we have an internet radio. It runs off of the wi-fi in the house. I have Bloomberg, CNN, Fox, and NPR programmed on it, along with an assortement of radio stations. There's also some old time radio programming that we've really enjoyed listening to. Actually got to listen to "Inner Sanctum Mysteries" on the old time radio. I've heard my grandmother talk about how they used to listen to it back in the 40's.  I believe there are over 16,000 radio stations to choose from. We logged into Reciva and registered the radio and use their service to create our own favorite folders of radio stations that each of us like. Best part...it's all free. Over 16,000 stations for free.

This is a picture of the radio. It's a Sanyo R227 and was extremely easy to set up. Works like a charm and can also pick up FM radio stations. Also has a built in alarm clock.

Next step is to buy a computer for the television so we can watch Hulu. All I need is a computer with HDMI output and a proccessor fast enough to pump it out to the TV.

At any rate I know I can find a better way to spend the $996 that Direct TV won't be getting.

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