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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Houses for Feb booked

Finally finished with our houses for Feb 2012. We decided to spent the whole two weeks in Los Chivos this time, we like that area so much. A little different twist this time with the first place being an apartment. It's called Hilltop Apartment

Here's some video of the view from the terraces from the apartment. What's kinda kewl is that you have views of the Atlantic side and the Caribbean side.

The second house is  Casa La Vista

Now the hard part begins ...waiting.



  1. Those both look pretty sweet, Curt!
    Waiting is hard, but you'll be going once before February, no?

  2. Well....the apartment was kind of a punt, couldn't pass up the price. It is of a decent size and the views look nice. The other house looks really nice. You are right in that we will be going in November of this year. That time we'll be at Los Frutales and Casa Dos Chivos. All we can afford now is 4 weeks a year.