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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting a rental agreement...

First impressions are lasting and so far the rental agreements regarding our Feb 2012 houses are nothing to write home about. Maybe it's because I'm spoiled from dealing with Michael and Patrick from Casa Dos Chivos. Whenever I write to them about renting their place I receive an email with an attached rental agreement that day or at the very latest the next. Quinta Jabali was not much different. I received an agreement in the mail from Michael Silhol. The thing about the two houses I just mentioned was that I only ask once. I've now ask twice for some rental agreement or facsmile from the owner of Casa La Vista. He wrote back to me this evening and said he would mail one out early next week. That'll be two weeks after we were told the house was available. This is a $2k rental for one week...not pocket change for me. I would expect a better response time. I had to write twice to the Hilltop apartment then when I was finally emailed an agreement I had 5 business day to send it back. Just seems strange to have the onus on me for getting the lease agreement.

The high today in Indiana was 98 degrees. It was suppose to feel like 110 with all the humidity.  I just checked and it's still 87 out and it's suppose to feel like 93. Vieques, on the other hand,  had a high of 88...... about what it is now here in Indiana at 9pm. It's currently 80 in Vieques with clear skies.


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