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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

6.25 weeks and counting....

Little over 6 weeks now till we're back on the island. We've ordered new rash guards and some new suits. I ordered more Piranha rash guards. I like the feel and fit of these, although they're not as heavy as the Oneil's that Lorrie has

 I would luv to find another pair of Nevados sandals like the ones I bought for our second trip, but you can't buy them anymore. Best darn footwear I've ever owned. I've ordered another pair but these are a darker color. Other than that we're set on most everything. We've made enough trips now that it easy to pack. We've got one suitcase that is nothing but our snorkeling gear. I've not really decided on the spear-fishing idea yet.

Found out via TripAdvisor that the gas stations on the island are no longer accepting credit cards, cash only. Good thing to know.


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