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Friday, September 30, 2011

Evening Rant #3....

Just can't help it......sorry.

All over the web tonight it's Bank of America and debit card fee's. Everyone is pissed about the $5 monthly fee (unless of course you have a mortgage or 20k in checking or combination of accounts). "Hello U.S. sheeple", Bank of America is broke and unless you've been living under a rock for the last year the $5 charge should come as no surprise to anyone. Also, they're not the only bank to adopt new fees since our gubberment decided to step in a limit transaction fee's.  So much for a free market. But that is material for another rant, for another evening.

More to the point...why would anyone still be using debit cards when you can get a no fee credit card? Granted you have to pay the sucker off every month, but really, is it that much of a inconvenience? I mean jeez, c'mon people. You could even go one step further and get a rewards card like an American Express and if your diligent about using it you can get enough points to pay the annual fee's plus enjoy the perks. We use an American Express Gold Rewards card. I've had an American Express since I just out of college, many, many  moons ago. Making the monthly payment forces you to analyze just where the heck you spent all that money each month. Ah...but I forgot, this is America, where we citizens are nothing but a bunch of comatose piles of ever consuming flesh unable to engage enough cerebral tissue to make even the most fundamental financial decisions.

Always the victim.... you know...that story just wears me out. It's not the banktsers fault people, it's your fault. Your the ones that decided to spend the next 20 years of earnings TODAY. Without your greed the boyz would have never been able to gin up the mess we now find ourselves in. Cry'n about a $5 fee, when all the tools are readily available for you to avoid ANY FEES, does nothing but prove how easily the boyz can spook the herd. Wake up and stop playing the games they've created for you.

I feel so much better now.

One last note regarding American Express. They had a nasty habit of sending TONS of mail to me. This offer, that offer. I finally called them a number of years ago and said that IF they didn't stop sending me any and all mail I would cancel the card. Amex is one of few companies that actually listens to their customers. I haven't received one single piece of mail. If your using Amex and they're sending you tons of junk, give them a call and you can stop it. I did and it works.


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