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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Boats a little slow....

Well...I had to send two emails to Little Boat sailing to get a response. The owner told me they had closed over the  New Years, he apologized for the response time. No problem I thought and replied that we would like to book a tour with him. The only problem is that there's no calendar on his web site nor is there any info regarding what kind of tours he gives nor what the prices are. So basically I ask him "How do we set this up? What are your available dates when we're going to be on the island? Do we pay in cash or CC?" You know..the basic stuff. I think that was 5 days ago, still no response. Either he's really busy or just doesn't like email. So far little boat is a little slow.

I dunno...


  1. Did you get a phone #?

    It's funny how people who are drawn to a life on Vieques, especially ex-pats, seem to want to shed all the "ball & chain" encumbrances of modern life, yet hope to make some sort of a living catering to the world they left behind.

    I guess if we look at it from their perspective, they work at earning what they need to, but if it's good enough to get by on there's no pressure to go the extra mile. Kinda makes you feel like a commodity rather than a customer some times!

  2. yeah...there's a number I can call, just haven't yet. It takes him about a week to respond to emails. I think we'll just wait till we're on the island and then try to set something up.