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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Small World....

Left the house @ 3:30am this morn, light rain on the drive up to Indy. Got to Indy-park & fly right on time and they were as efficient as always. So many businesses in this world are run badly that when you do experience one that is dialed right in it's a real novelty. Indy-Park & fly has got their "sheit" together, let me tell ya.

As we neared the airport, at record time I might add, Lorrie remembered that she had left her carry-on in our vehicle, back at Indy Park & fly...so much for getting through airport security early. She headed back to park and fly with the driver (I tipped him hoping he would step on it), I then headed into the airport to check in... the saga begins.

As it was, it only took her a little over 20 mins to make the round trip back to the airport. Surprisingly airport security was not crowded at all either and we breezed through it, barefoot..of course.

(This next little bit is for the benefit of the guys I work with, Ryan...Steve..TJ.)

We head to our gate and take a seat and guess who's sitting right next to me? Bill Cook of all people. He's heading down to Cancun for a week with two other couples, one of which we also know, Greg Tucker. So anyway...I sit next to Bill and we talk before their flight leaves....and yes F18 did come up. Small world huh?

Flight up to O'Hare was really quick. Seems silly to me for us to have to fly north to Chicago and then fly all the way to San Juan...oh well.

We're now in the air, headed towards San Juan. No Glenlivet on this flight. I had to stoop to a blended scotch...darn the luck. Lorrie is sipping on a gin/tonic. One more scotch and I won't even care if Bill shows up in Vieques.


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