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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Little Cabin at the point....

Well...we  broke ground...let's just hope the ground doesn't break us, physically or financially. I don't know why it is I always seem to be building something...but I always am. This winter's project was a new closet for Lorrie and I, his/hers sorta thing. Lorrie said she wanted to have the lights come on when she opened the closet door..so I learned a little about motion detector switches with that project. I actually found the same sort of switches that we saw at Quinta Jabali. Pretty kewl that I was able to find them at one our local stores. Next project was new lights for the kitchen. Then spring came and we finally got to spend more time outdoors. Landscaping...and getting things in order outside.

We always spend lots of time outside and try to get over to "the point" whenever we have some free time. We had a stretch of absolutely beautiful weather here that lasted for nearly 2 weeks. 60 degree nights with highs in the mid 70's. Lorrie and I took advantage of the nice weather and spent a lot of time over at the point. On about 9:30pm or so each night one of would say "I wish we had a little cabin over here." Well..it was said enough this year (we've talked for many years about putting a cabin on the back park of our property) that is is finally happening. As is the case so many times, I begin something and forget to grab the camera to capture the process. We spent a couple weeks trying to decide exactly where to put the structure, never mind what  it's  going to look like. For what ever reason one day I just decided to get on with it. I grabbed the chain saw and headed to the point. In a short amount of time I had a nook cut out for the cabin. I wish I had taken some pictures of it before I cleared the area out, but it never happened. I did however begin taking shots when I was laying out the footprint for the structure:

Difficult to tell from the picture..but this will overlook a ravine and a saddle where deer cross every evening.

Here I've begun setting the posts and beams.

Lorrie was right there with me, while I dug all those holes for the posts.

That's a gin-tonic she's got there...."Where's mine?"

I happened to notice this little guy watching me work away. I moved him out of the construction zone.

For now all of the post and beams are set. The footprint for our little place will be 12' x 20". Don't ask us what it's gonna look like, we haven't decided yet. We're leaning towards simple clean lines..but that's about as far as we've gotten.


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  1. Nice! Keep that camera handy- we want to see more!