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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cabin update ....

The  original plan, if you can call what we're doing "planned", didn't call for any kind of foundation for the cabin. I had intended to just put it up on piers, but because Lorrie was convinced all the critters would take up residence under the place I added a sort of foundation to the structure. That was my task this past weekend. What I did was to wrap the 4x6  post with 2x6's. Then put down a plastic vapor barrier and finally cover that with limestone. I also put limestone around the perimeter. Short of hiring a security guard or installing video surveillance, I think I've got things covered.  At the very least the boss is happy and that's all I care about. Here's a shot of where we stand now:

You can see the little outhouse in the background. While I was busy  varmint proofing the cabin Lorrie gave the outhouse a new coat of  wood stain.

I took another shot of it after she finished painting it. We've been using this cedar toner. I can't believe how it makes the wood glow, especially in the evening sun:

I'm now at a point on the construction where we really need to decide what we're going to build. We've manage to narrow things down a bit more in the last week or so. We've decided on building something with a shed roof. At first we were going to build one with a 12/12 gable, but then decided against. We kept being drawn to a simple shed type of structure with lots of windows. Here's some examples of what we like:

Lorrie likes the light wood on the walls and a darker wood on the floors. Kind of like the one below...ours obviously would not be on this grand of a scale.

This last one is more like what we think we might end up with. I kind of like what they did with the windows over the slider doors. I also noticed he didn't have any varmint protection under his structure...Ha!

One of the other big problems is getting all the doors/windows and the associated costs. I was dreading trying to find something because I know what we like and  more importantly I knew just what it would cost. But by a fluke, I was talking to a fellow today who turned me onto this place that sells special order windows/doors that people never pick up or just return. I drove over to the place this evening to just check it out. I figured they would have  old white vinyl windows and we  don't want white. What I found was three big buildings FULL of all kinds of brand new BEAUTIFUL doors and windows. The lady showed me some taupe sliders they just got in. These sliders were 6 feet wide and 8 feet tall. They had beautiful circle tops and trapezoids. 6 foot long already mulled windows. Unreal it was. She wanted $200 for the 8 foot tall sliders. $125 for ANY mulled windows units and $60 for ANY single window. I'm guessing they had a couple thousand windows.  I found windows 7 foot tall with double pane low e glass. Needless to say we'll be buying windows this week.  Then I'll know my rough openings and I can finally start framing. I still have to figure out the slope of the roof. I know there's a sweet spot that looks right.

One last thing...as I was making trips this past weekend back and forth to the point, I would pass this patch of raspberries. One of the berries was just about perfect but every time I was walking by I would have my hands full of something and couldn't pick it. I was finishing up work late Monday (Memorial day) and was spreading the last of the limestone when my daughter Jessica showed up, she had been out with some friends. First thing Jessica told me was that she picked the most perfect raspberry at the entrance to the lane.

 I took a picture of the patch, minus the berry, as her and I walked back to the house late in the evening.



  1. Well, we're pretty much modernist kinda guys, so shot # 1 would be our first choice. But maybe with that window place you discovered you can riff off of the Folly at Honeywell Hill!


    Things are lookin' good!

    1. You know..it was your pictures of the Folly at Honeywell Hill that really spurred us on. We love the pictures of that place.

      Things are lookin like a whole lot of nothing so far, even though it's been a whole lot of work up to this point. It's always hardest to just get things out of the ground.