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Sunday, June 10, 2012

We have walls....

Another cabin update...hope I'm not boring you all.

With evenings this week and a couple full days this weekend we managed to get the walls up and the bulk of the sheathing on. Lorrie put some waterproofing on the floor because we have rain in the forecast. Before we left this evening we spread a tarp over the floor. If I'm lucky my insulation under the floor won't get wet.

The hardest part of framing the walls was hefting the headers for the windows into place. The walls in our cabin are 2x6 so the headers were triple 2x8 with some 1/2 plywood.  If the weather will cooperate this week I plan on finishing the plywood sheathing and getting some house-wrap on. Next weekend I plan on setting the rafters for the roof and getting the roof decked. Hopefully I can have our little place under roof in a week.

We took some picture of the progress this week. This first picture is with most of the framing done:

Next picture is a closer shot of the bedroom and the windows on the corners:

Lorrie grabbed a shot of me standing in one of the windows to give you some scale. I'm kinda tired looking...I had been at it all day. Oh...I haven't mentioned this yet..but there's no power over at the point and I don't own a generator..so all that lumber was cut with a hand-saw. It's a really sharp one...thank gawd for that.

Next picture is me standing in one of the two side by side 8' glass sliders:

This is looking out from the bedroom, Lorrie's over there on the deck, but you can't see her:

Below is the north window view, where we see the deer all the time.

I haven't mentioned yet, but this is how the roof-line will look. I'm thinking about a 3' overhang on the front.

I received an email from a friend of ours who we see in Vieques in Feb each year. He and his family winter in Vieques for a month or two every year.  His name is David and he is also a carpenter. David sent me some pictures of a beautiful cabin he built for some clients. It's so weird because it's a lot like what I'm building and it has the same cedar siding that Lorrie and I are going to put on our place. Here's a picture of Davids cabin. As you can tell from the pictures he's a real craftsman. The place he built is beautiful. I hope you don't mind me sharing your work David.

Maybe next time we chat...I'll have a roof on our place.


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