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Monday, September 3, 2012

Cabin update....

Yep...another cabin update. I've been lax in taking photos and getting them uploaded. So tonight, in the waining light, I took a few. We've finally gotten to the point were we're working on the interior finish.  For a long time I was unsure how I would finish out the inside. Lorrie and I both wanted to introduce some color. We especially were wanting some sort of signature wall with a bold statement. This almost necessitates drywall, but in an unheated space I worried about joints cracking. It wasn't until Lorrie pointed out that with all the windows there really would be very few long joints, other than the corners, that drywall was chosen. I had totally missed that...not seeing the forest for all the trees sorta thing. So it was onto   hanging drywall next.

Lorrie snuck this picture in somehow. She caught me leveling the sill line across the sheet. As you can see from the picture I kept the joints very small. The reason the sheet to my right is up so far off the wall was because I bought only 10' sheets (on sale)  and knowing that we would have 6" base, any butt joints would end up hidden.

Oh, I seem to have gotten ahead of myself here. I forgot to mention what we did with the ceiling. Because of the way the overhang is on the front of the place, tongue and groove cedar, we decided to carry that into the inside ( a suggestion from my mom that made perfect sense). But inside we've got the smooth finish of the cedar. It's really beautiful to look at:

Ok...after we got all the drywall up and finished it was time to pick some colors out. Since Lorrie does all the painting (she won't let me paint because I'm so terrible at it) she found a palette for us to work from.

So far we've used the chilled wine for our signature wall. It's a rich deep color. The rest of the walls are painted in the Olive Gray, which in the above snapshot looks tan, but it's not. It's a  gray/olive color and goes nicely with the natural cedar. Here's  a pictue of it on the  north wall below:

That picture is more representative of it's actual hue. You can also see that we decided to trim the windows out in cedar too. It just seemed to help tie the ceiling in with the rest of the place. Lorrie is going to put a clear finish on them.  The only other picture I have is of the little alcove where we plan on putting a small library and desk:

So that's about where we're at. Haven't yet decided on the flooring. I still have a sink base to build and a storage cabinet. We're also putting a wood stove in the place. All that to do before our November trip to the island, in 8 weeks....jeez.

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  1. Hey Kurt, not sure if you found a solution yet for the window problem as I've yet to finish through the chronology, but there are decals you can purchase for the windows so that birds won't fly into them. I love to attract birds to my yard, and after losing a couple to my windows, I decided to add decals.

    Hope this helps!