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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Unintended consequences.....

What little time was available this weekend was spent working on trimming out the interior of the cabin. It was  a beautiful weekend with clear blue skies and temps in the 60's, feels like fall. I decided to just take my time and walk back and forth from the cabin back to the house making necessary cuts to the trim. It would take me 30 mins or so to walk back to the house, make the cuts and then walk back to the cabin (I was having to route some boards to trim out along the ceiling). On one of the trips back  I noticed something laying on the deck of the cabin. As I got close I could see what it was, a female scarlet tanger and that bothered me some. Based on where she was laying I could tell that she had ran into one the large sliding glass doors, killing herself on impact. I had introduced something alien to our little patch of woods and this was one of the unintended consequences. As is the case when your that close to something so very beautiful your just in awe of it. I picked it up and cradled it in my hand, so perfect. I took a few shots as I stood there.

I wish that wouldn't have happened, maybe there's some way I can help to prevent it in the future...I don't know.

On one of the last trips back to the house I noticed this  lone clump of asters out in the east prairie. It's amazing how the stuff is spreading after Jessica and I planted the wild seeds we gathered.

When I got close to the plant I noticed all the bees on it. Each one had these huge clumps of pollen clinging to their back legs. I grabbed a shot of one:

As I was taking shots of the bees this painted lady came by.

Color and beauty you just can't describe or capture.

5 weeks till our trip to the island. We've now ordered 2 different sets of fins for snorkeling and neither set has fit, nor has either set been  sent back. We also got new dive socks, dive masks and goggles ( yes the dining room is beginning to look like a dive shop or something.)  I placed another order last night for  fin set number 3, hopefully this one will work. We are both soooooo...ready to be back.


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