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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

November trip....

Less than two weeks out from our November trip now and we are


This trip Lorrie and I are going to try and focus on grocery options and costs. So many people on TA have asked about if they should bring food from the main island. We plan on getting some video of Morales and some of the other places we shop in an effort to share with others just what Vieques has to offer. This trip is the first one in which we've been able to spend a full two weeks in one rental, so that is going to be a real treat (or at least we hope so). Up to this point we've always had to work out the logistics of moving from one place to the other mid-vacation.

We've not bought many new items for this trip, just new snorkel masks and some swimming goggles..oh we bought new fins too. Part of our morning ritual on Playa la Plata is to do some morning yoga on the beach to greet the day and  welcome the rising sun, then we swim over to the rock art gallery.


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