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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Here we go again...

You've heard the old excuse "the dog ate my paper"...well the cat peed on the laptop. Yes, you read that right. One day from our trip to the island the cat decides to pee on my laptop and it's  now toast, dead, nuked. The cat is old and is the very last of our animals. He's been a good pet, but in the last 6 months he's been steadily going downhill.  Tonight was the last straw.

So...Curt had to run out to BestBuy tonight and buy a new laptop.  The one I bought has Windows 8 on it. I'M NOT CRAZY ABOUT WINDOWS 8 AT ALL. Why can't Microsoft learn something from Apple and stop making their users re-learn the interface each and every time they break out a new OS? Back in my yute, I was working for a company that beta tested Apple software. One of the beautiful things Apple did was to maintain extremely tight parameters on the user interface (regardless of what software it was), so much so that users hardly ever noticed OS upgrades or software changes (you learned to walk one time).  Looks like  I'm going to have to go thru a learning curve this trip with Windows 8.  Thank you Microsoft.

Things are starting off with a bang.


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