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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Unintended consequences, part 2.....

We had noticed a few days ago that one of the propane cylinders at the cabin had run out. I decided to take the cylinder to get it filled up this afternoon. When I made my way back to the cabin, cylinder in tow via a dolly, I noticed something on the front deck that I hated to see. It was a male cardinal, laying dead in nearly the same place I had found a female tanger late this summer:

I hate the fact that this happened and it bothers me even more that this is the second time in as little as 4 months. I know it has to do with all the windows in the cabin and the vistas we tried to create. It never dawned on us that we could harm the birds we love so much in the process, they are such magnificent little things. I had even thought of putting a feeder out near the cabin, after tonight I know that would not be a good idea.

There has to be a way to avoid or at least mitigate this from happening in the future.



  1. :(

    I have seen people hang suncatchers or clingies on the windows to give the birds a hint.

    Clingies being vinyl that use static to cling to the inside of the window. Perhaps silhouettes of something in nature. (Birds, tree branches, etc.)

    1. Curt, I have the same problem at my office. We use paper cut-outs and tape them to the window. Clingies would probably be a more aesthetically pleasing solution, but paper should do in the mean time.

    2. Hi Brandi. We've got to do something that much is for sure. We have no curtains or blinds in the place, that might just help some. We have a suncatcher in the staircase here at our main house that would probably help.

      Hope life has been treating you good. Lorrie and I have been racking our brains with trying to get a place bought on the island. It's a rollercoaster ride thus far. When are you heading back?

    3. That's two votes for "clingies, might just end up being the solution. It's cheaper than blinds or curtains.