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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wet Suits....

There's a current thread on the Trip Advisor board about water temps and if December water is warm enough to swim. We had noticed the water temperature dropping when we were there this past November, experiencing a considerable change in the two week stay. Maybe this had something to do with Sandy since it had passed, albeit to the west, just prior to our arrival. At any rate we do know there's a  difference in the water temps from Nov to Feb and that brings us to the point of this post.

We've just received our wet suits we ordered from Amazon. After reading about what suit is right for each activity and water temp we decided on what is called "shorty" suits. The last few years we've noticed the need, in Feb,  to wear our rash guards when  doing  long extended snorkel excursions. I'm sure many from the east coast would say "what a bunch of sissy's", seeing how Vieques averages  80 degree water in Feb, but for us it just makes things much more comfortable. What we've gleaned from our limited wet suit purchases is that you need to order a larger size than what you think would fit. I've had to send mine back for the next larger size. Lorries was a full 2 sizes larger than what she would normally wear in pants. Mine fit fine in the legs but was way too small in the chest and arms. One of the beautiful things about Amazon  though is it's return policy. Just print out the return sheet, put it in the box and leave the package outside your door. The UPS guy picks it up the next day with a prepaid label. Just about as painless as it gets.
Gray weather and cold temps here in Indiana make us more than ready for the next 8 weeks to pass so we can get back to Vieques.  


  1. I;ve noticed the same – snorkeling in November was much more comfortable than in March/beginning of April. I’m not ready to invest in a wetsuit, but the black rash guard sure does get used more in the spring. Keep up the great work on your site; this is one of the sites that convinced me to take my first trip to Vieques in November, 2011. I’ve returned with different friends/family twice since then and really appreciate your tips, pictures and snorkeling maps!

    1. Rebecca thanx for the kind words about our blog and so glad it was useful to you. Sounds like you've got the bug about as bad as we do.