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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dog tired....

Yes...it's springtime in Indiana and with that comes all the spring cleaning and yard work.  I managed to get  all the wood picked up from the 107 year old oak that fell last year.
Split, stacked, hauled over to the point and put it in the new wood shed we built, still have one side to finish.
One couldn't help but  notice all the spring flowers. We've planted 100's of daffodils throughout the woods.
Everything is popping up out of the ground and I'm  so ready for it. Those are Mayapples below.
and  dogtooth violets , not yet in bloom..but  very soon.

So much activity that one gets kinda worn out, especially after following me around all weekend
That was late Sunday evening, he was pooped.



  1. Hmmmmm.......looks like Buddy has a new happy home. We are waiting for spring in southeast Iowa, too. We had 7 inches of rain over 36 hours this past week. Vieques sounds pretty darn good right now. Lou

    1. 6 inches here Lou, it's a soggy cold weekend in Indiana. Vieques does sound good, except for the beach closures. One would think that F&W would wait until well after tourist season, but who knows. We spent 25 years traveling through Iowa at least once a year, many times two. We traveled to Sioux Fall S.D. a lot (lot's of family up there). I know my way along I-80 blindfolded.


    2. Small world. I was born and raised in South Dakota and my mom is still up there. We spent my mom's 85th in Sioux Falls. It is snowing right now but supposed to be warmer by the weekend. John Mc Laughlin (our trusted meteorologist) says this is it and spring will be here next week. Spring cannot arrive quickly enough. We are headed to the Drake Relays this weekend so hope it warms up. Again, Buddy can come live in Iowa, he looks like a keeper.