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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crab update II....

Yes...Mr. Crab is still with us. We've been through one molting, a process I was convinced was terminal. He began digging in the sand and staying underground all the time. When we hadn't seen any sign of him for over a week  I began digging, trying and find out what was going on. From everything I had read it would really stink if he had indeed died, there was no odor present. When I finally found where he had been I saw his old exoskeleton and thought that was what was left of him. A little more digging and I found the stinker. I covered things back up making sure not to disturb him anymore. He emerged  few days later and has been back to his normal self ever since. He likes to hide out during the day, mostly in this really large snail shell (I have a picture of it at the top of this entry.) The few times I've seen him feeding has been at night or early in the morning.  I shot a short video of him this morning:

Summer has finally arrived and it's  the complete opposite from 2012. Everything is  green and lush.

We've decided to make 3 trips to Vieques in 2014. We'll be going in Feb, June and November. What can I say...we just can't get enough of the place. Things are  set up for this November but  we haven't gotten next Feb done yet, we're running a little behind and we're just not sure where we want to stay yet.




  1. Curt, I'm impressed that Mr. Crab is still hangin out at your house...if you manage to get him home to VQS I'll be truly amazed which may mean some coronas for you ;) Jenni

    1. Oh...he's a stinker for sure. Very particular sort of fellow. He's got carrots and peanut butter right now...oh and only the REAL peanut butter. He won't have anything to do with that Peter Pan hydrogenated oil sorta thing. He's also becoming quite the recluse, do in part to the fact that he has no other buds so hang with. I haven't decided if I'm going to document the trip back to Vieques or not. With "big brother" always present I'm not sure what kind of trouble I might get into. I guess we'll cross that bridge this November. Oh...btw...we'll be hitting you up for some lodging next June. My daughter will be graduating with her undergrad degree and we've decided on you place to mark the occasion.


  2. Hilarious about the peanut butter...I think we should listen to the crab on that one!

    The welcome mat is always out for you guys, maybe we'll see you on island in February :) Jenni