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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Free TV....

It's been years since we've paid for TV. I remember when we built our house, some 20 years ago and because there was no cable TV service available we were left with only one option, a satellite dish. The price, back then, for a new direct TV dish was $900. I just about puked at the thought. I ended up digging enough ginseng that fall to pay the $900 for the dish and so begun our 15 year marriage to direct TV and their subsequent siphoning off of some  $12,000. It's amazing to think that we spent that much money with them.  My how things have changed.

The last couple of years we've been using Netflix, but that too is about to end. There's just not enough programing available and even though it's a fraction ($8 a month), of what we used to pay DirectTV, we can put the funds to a better use somewhere else.

That brings me to our newest find for TV viewing, along with some other favorites.

Tube Plus has hundreds of TV programming and movies, all for free. There's a few pop-ups to navigate through. Most launch in the background so it's easy to close the windows.  This has by far the most TV and movies we've found yet for free and is currently our main site.

If your into documentaries, like us, then the best site we've found is Top Documentary Films . Hundreds of documentaries in just about every genre thinkable.  Great nuggets to found on this site.

Crackle is site that has a decent selection of movies and television programming. The only hang-up is they make you sit through some commercials. Not nearly what you'll have on broadcast, but enough to be annoying.  We use it every once in a while.

Just a few places to get free TV.



  1. We love a good documentary :) Thanks for the suggestions Curt!

  2. Thanks for the tip on free TV. We also use Crackle, but nice to know there are other options.