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Monday, December 30, 2013

More Ferry problems for Vieques....

This is copied from Trip Advisor and was posted by a friend of mine:

Things are going from bad to worse. 600 passengers many of them tourists with reservations were turned away at the dock this morning with vague explanations. The private ferry company s ( that covers many of the runs for the government) contract expires in a few days. The Ports authority division that operates the ferry, ATM, has already gone thru their 2014 budget and then some 14 million in the hole with no idea where it went! PR it self is in a budgetary crisis and will be hard pressed to do anything.

They will be unable to pay for another contract for the private ferry and will be forced to operate a schedule with only one or two boats that actually run.

DO NOT RUIN YOUR vacation to save a few a bucks, FLY


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  1. I saw this too! What a major mess. Suspect the airlines will be adding extra flights.