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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Flying Delta......

This trip we're flying Delta. We  fly out of IND  @ 8:30am, which is a treat for us, it's usually  6am, which means you have to get up at 2:30 in the morning. Yuk!!  Even better  we get into SJU at 4pm.  This is a great flight, plus  I was able to buy first class tickets for just a fraction of what I would have paid business on United. We usually  have to use miles to upgrade to first through United,  but this time we just bought first tickets. Too good to be true?

On the way up to the airport, through fog and rain, I received two voice mails from Delta telling me they were re-booking the flight.  Oh sheit, here we go.

When we got to the Indianapolis airport the line at Delta looked liked a Gordian knot, snaking all over the place,  I'm thinking my gawd what have we done.  Lorrie took her place  behind the rest of the masses, I'm thinking oh man, this is going to take a while. Then  I pointed out to her that we need to go to the priority line, she looked at me dumbfounded. I explained that we are flying first and it's one of the perks. As it was we were in line just few minutes. The booking agent informed me that our flight was running late and would arrive in Atlanta with only 20 minutes between our connecting flight, it was originally 50 minutes. She also informed me that we were already booked us on the next flight in Atlanta, in case we couldn't make it on time.

Ok ...I'm digg'n this so far.

We landed Atlanta with  only 15 minutes to spare. Lorrie and I were literally running to get to the next gate. When we arrived  they had just started  first class and we walked right on to the plane like we owned the place, well ahead of the waiting crowd (almost makes you feel like a celeb). Moments after sitting down we were handed champagne and those epicurean hot towels. Lorrie is now  smiling and  life is frigg'n good.

Man, I'm really digg'ing this now!

This brings up something I've always wandered about.  Just what is one to do with those little rolled up  warm towels?  Ever wondered? I mean, your looking around to see what everyone else it doing, right?  I Googled  "hot towels on airplanes and found the following uses:

1. refresh your face
2. wash your hands
3. roll it up into a rat-tail and pop the next available stewardess in the ass.

While #3 sounds intriguing and probably is  the best use,  I  don't think that she would have appreciated me popping her in the backside with my towel, but the thought sounded fun after having 2 double scotches before noon. As it was, we ended up washing our hands with them like we always do.

Once we leveled off it was time for dinner.  Our meal was vegetarian pasta, salad, roll and an oatmeal  cookie, plus more scotch. The meal was fantastic, plus service was great on this flight, exemplary. The stewardess was  hopp'n, making jokes and having as much fun as we were,  and the scotch just kept flow'n. First time flying with Delta and thus far it's been a great experience.  Good job Delta!

Now, bring on Puerto Rico, cause we're ready!



  1. How long is your stay this time? We were down last year at the same time you both were and bumped into you at the opening night at La Frasa (sp)? We are arriving one week later this year and will be "on island" on Saturday. Hope to see you both at La Plata.

    1. You must have meant La Zafra, the old Coconuts place. We'll be down until Feb 15th.