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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Last day....

This is  a clean up post of some pictures I took on the last day we were on Vieques, which seems like eons ago given the current 22 degree high today and fresh snow. The weather here has been horribly cold. It has gotten so bad that  I was considering trading places with the women in the video shown below. I mean, I love tropical weather and barbecues, she hates the heat and can't figure out why everyone wants to barbecue?    I wonder if  she would consider coming up here to Indiana where I guarantee we  would definitely cool her butt down a few degrees:

Speaking of weather (and didn't that women do a fine job of it), we had the most perfect weather this year on our Feb trip. One couldn't ask for any better. Rain was forecast for as high as 80%, but we really never saw a significant shower at all. The last day on island I was convinced our luck was about to run out. I was watching this storm out to sea and was convinced that we were going to get hit. Typically the storms in Feb move from a southeastly direction to the northwest. It was different this year. They were moving from west to east.  Below is pictures of the storm:

Now in years past this storm would head right for La Plata. As it began to grow you could see the rain  and even a rainbow:

It just kept moving east and never came close to us.

Ok, enough of that, we all have our weather demons to deal with. Like I said this is a clean up post from the last trip, which was Feb 14 Valentines day. To celebrate Lorrie made heart shaped Zen circles around the pieces in the gallery at La Plata:

Nice touch I thought. The gallery was as beautiful as ever and Judy and Andre initiated some new members into the International Rock Balancing Association this season. We even had some members from years past show up on La Plata. 

The strange weather also shifted a lot of the trash I normally see on La Plata to the east, more into Ensenada Honda. One item that did end up on La Plata was this buoy with about 50 foot of attached rope. I watched it way out in the ocean with binoculars. At first I couldn't figure out what it was. As it got close to shore I could tell:

So that's about it for this trip. Lorrie and I decided it was our best trip yet. Why? We think because there were no expectations at all. The novelty of Vieques is not wearing off on us.

I'll leave you with another guy, his name is Michael Grab,  who's really into rock balancing. Amazing pictures. Just imagine what he could do on Vieques. Be sure to check out his web site Gravity Glue.


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