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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bluebirds have been busy...

As I was walking over to the point this afternoon I noticed a female bluebird fly out of one of the boxes. I walked over and opened it up to see if she was sitting on eggs and look what I found. The box is rather high so it was difficult to see exactly how many eggs she had, but I think there's five. Now if only the sparrows will leave her alone. This box not near our house and is in the prairie grass.

Everything is really greening up now. This is a shot of the lane leading to the point. When I started down the lane I saw that the larkspur was blooming. I planted this from seed I collected along a county road.

It took at least 3 years for these to finally start blooming. They're spreading slowly along the path. These are a favorite of the deer. So far they haven't found them.

There is a certain spot along the path where I many times see morning cloaks. This has went on for a number of years now and it's a very specific spot and always the same spot. I saw this one today. He looks a little rough.
 Now how's this for a toadshade plant. These are a yellow variety I orded a number of years ago. They are much larger than the burgandy one's common to our woods.
Back at the opening of the point there are tons of these "Pussy Toes" now blooming. Pussy toe is a plant of very poor soil, often acid where little else will grow. It's coming up between the moss and lichen that cover the point.

Here's a shot of the point. Changing fast now. You can still see a few redbuds and the dogwoods are blooming. The tulip poplar in the distance, next to the pine, is beginning to leave out. In late summer at sunset  Ursa Major is right next to those two trees.

On the way back I saw this  red admiral. It and  a  morning cloak (not the one I saw on the way in because this one had both wings intact) were doing battle.

"Jack-in-the-Pulpits" are up everywhere too.

I always thought this tree had a strange base to it.

Lastly it wouldn't be spring without these guys popping up. They where on the hillside just behing the tree with the weird base. The one in the upper left is a perfect "fiddle-head".

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