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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just enough time for the trillium...

Weather broke this evening and I decided to grab the camera and head out for a few shots. Was very surprised to see the trillium is blooming. It's only been 3 days since I was out walking. Never seems to be enough time to see it all happen. So glad I took a few moments this evening. 

These flowers were blooming at the entrance to the lane, I don't even remember planting them? I saw them in two different spots.

Everything is budding out now. How often do we take the time to really look at a tree bud? Rather remarkable process that most don't even notice.

That's a sassafrass tree bud on the right. Below is a pin oak budding out.

Yea I know...simple things, not of much interest to most folks. We as a species are so out of touch with our natural environment.  We charge along each day with some man-made self enforced agenda oblivous to the fact that we are chasing nothing but a  ghost. Can you tell I worked overtime twice this week?  Anyway...the whole process of the changing of the seasons fascinates me. I get a bit aggitated when it passes me by because I've been marching lockstep with the rest of the lemmings.

Did catch a shot of the outhouse in the setting sunlight. There are flowering bulbs coming up all around it, can't really tell from the picture. Structure has made it through two winters now, held up nicely.

Here's  a few other shots of interest. First is a river birch budding out. You just gotta love the bark on these trees, especially in the snow. I planted 100 of them in the west field of prairie grass and about half of that in the east field where the wet spot is. It's somewhere out in the middle of this picture below.

Took a picture of one of logs I was cutting firewood from last year (below shot). This tree was over 100 years old. It was a spring storm about 5 years ago that took it down. Largest tree on the property.

Redbuds in bloom. These won't last very long at all.
Once again I've got a lot more shots, but just not enought time tonight.

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