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Monday, April 5, 2010

evening walk to the point....

Warm this evening....thick air and rich smells, earthy. It seemed as though overnight everything bloomed, that or I just wasn't paying much attention. Driving home from work I saw some serviceberry in bloom. The serviceberry is the very first wild tree/shrub to bloom here. A lot of people think it's a dogwood, but the dogwoods haven't bloomed yet. The serviceberry got its name because it is one of the first trees to bloom in the spring, right after the big snows melt. This was the time in the olden-days that the preacher could get through the snow and have the first church "service". We've have a number of them growing wild on the property, they're in bloom now and were the reason I took the walk this evening. On my way over to the point I noticed a pair of bluebirds, not far from a box I put up recently. I went over an opened to check and sure enough there's a nest. Now only if the sparrows will leave them alone.

The warm weather and rain we've had has set everything in motion. The moss on the path back to the point is really getting thick now...and so green. As I was walking along the path I heard a turkey gobbling. They haven't been spending much time over on the point lately and for that I'm glad. Last year the broke off many of the daffodils with their scratching.  I missed getting any pictures of the crocuses in bloom this year. For what ever reason the deer left them alone this time. The earlier blooming daffodils have already finished blooming but the larger one's are just now coming on.  I've  now got them planted from the lane entrance to the point all the way back to the outhouse and down the hill. Not sure how many I've planted now, a few hundred anyway. These are the only bulbs I've found that are deer proof. The problem is your limited on colors unless you want to dump a lot of money into the process. I can't see doing that for flowers that are going into the woods.

I took pictures of mayapples, dogtooth violets, dutchmans britches and of the outhouse but I'm too tired to upload this evening. I'll end with a shot off the point. You can see some of the redbuds in bloom, well I can anyway. This will look a whole lot different in a month.

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