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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


In our trips to the island we've met a few people who have been doing some spearfishing. Now that Lorrie and I have improved our snorkeling skills to the  point where we feel  somewhat comfortable, I was considering trying some spear fishing this next trip. I've done  a lot of fishing and also worked at a hunting guide for over 8 years, so it's not like I don't understand the harvesting of game. It's just that I've never tried spearfishing before. I'm currently trying to educate myself as to the sport. I've yet to get a feel for how it's viewed on the island. I would only be hunting for fish that Lorrie and I would consume. Lot's of details to work on...what kind of gun, how to travel with it, fish identification, safety.

Here's some video of a gun I was considering. It's an Omer Cayman.


  1. Do they rent fish spear guns on the island? Where would you go to get a spear fishing license on the island? thanks for any help you can lend. :)

    1. Kelsey,

      I don't believe that they rent spear guns on the island. I do know that Blackbeards sells them, you could give them a call to see if they rent too, but I doubt it. I bought a JBL gun. It fits in my suitcase, which is a real concern because a lot of the flights from SJU to Vieques won't allow you to carry a long tube for a gun, so it has to fit in your bag. Spear guns don't have to be declared when traveling. Just put them in your checked bags. I have another post on the blog of the gun I bought. You don't need a license to fish on Vieques.


  2. Thanks bunches for your guidance! I will contact Blackbeards and look into how much it would cost to buy a spear gun. That is great to know about not needing a fishing license.

    We are excitedly going to the island for the first time mid April...really looking forward to it! It has been super fun reading your blog and learning more about the island from the perspective of someone that really appreciates it!

    Side question for you...I am kinda a fruit addict. Is it possible to find and pick fruit in the area? Any suggestions?

    We are going to be on the island for 5 nights we plan to do the bio bay but don't really have anything other than snorkeling on the list. We are a family (6 of us 2 couples and our parents)from a small town so looking forward to the more low keyness of the island. Any suggestions of stuff that we should make sure to take in? I think it might be fun to go try to see some of the ruins and abandoned buildings (but can't really figure out how remote things are on that part of the island-would a scooter be able to get back there?).

    Thanks again!

    1. Remember if you buy a gun your gonna have to find a way to get it back home. Most guns won't fit in luggage. It would be a rather long haul on a scooter out to the bunkers, better with a car/jeep. If I were going to recommend anything it would be a kayak trip out to lemon reef and then to the little island like Lorrie and I did (we have a video of it on the blog). Walk La Chata beach, in Bravos de Boston and pick up seaglass. Look at the pictures and video from our last trip, just a week ago for that. There's not a lot of planned activities on Vieques, part of the beauty of the place. You could easily spend a week seeing the beaches. I would go to them in this order if it was me: Playa La Chiva, La Plata, Garcia (Playula), Sun Bay, Playa Grande, La Chata (for sea glass), Puenta Arenas (Green for snorkeling). Go to the Gallery in Isabel, pick up some squid salad at Buen Provecho next door (it's a gourmet store). Get a smoothie across from the ferry (D'arla is the owner, we know her). Eat at Next Course, Sol Food (entrance to the refuge). Do Roys Coffee shop in Isabel if you have a need for a good espresso and a bagel. Vieques is about un-plugging and just zoning out on a beach. You'll love it.

  3. So much awesome info! We will make sure to make use of it! I just looked up buying a smaller lion fish spear...not spear gun and that seems reasonable to keep the boyfriend and also my brother entertained and out having an adventure and looks like it would fit in a suitcase. Though I did reach out to Blackbeards so I will wait a bit and do a bit more research before I make the purchase. Great to know that a jeep would make it to the ruins/abandoned buildings...just looked more remote on the map. THe food advice is very helpful! I love hearing your perspective on the different places you go on your blog too. I think we plan to do a lot of relaxing...the busy part of the trip will be going to san juan and el yunque for 3 days. Thanks again for generously sharing your knowledge and experiences!