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Friday, October 28, 2011

Final Countdown.....

We are now only 1 week out from our trip. I've already confirmed our rental with Maritzas and have received the property manager number for Los Frutales. So far the airlines haven't jacked with our flight times..yet. Tomorrow and Sunday we will be getting things packed.

I ran into a bit of a snafu on the spear gun. I was unable to get the original gun that I  had wanted. The problem is with transporting it. Because we will be on the island for a full two weeks Lorrie and I will be checking in two bags. In order to travel with the Omar Caymen I was wanting I would have to buy some sort of tube or case to transport it, three checked bags now.  It seems that Cape Air will only let us check in two bags and oversize items are limited to available cargo space. So...I opted for a JBL double magnum custom gun. It will fit into our checked bags. I have a picture of it below:

Before I bought the gun I ask Lorrie "what do you think about me buying a spear gun?". She replies "either it will give you hours of enjoyment or hours of frustration, but either way it will give you hours".  Smart girl...my wife.


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