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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keeping your poker face on with AT&T

Lorrie and I decided to re-up our contract for cell phones with AT&T. Our current contract was up over a year ago. We've had our razor phones for 3 years now. So..we headed to an AT&T store and picked out some new "free" phones. When I got my new bill for our phones I noticed it was nearly $37 higher? So..I called AT&T and spoke with customer service. I ask "Why is my phone bill $37 higher when I didn't change anything?" The customer service rep told me it was for an upgrade? "But I didn't upgrade anything?" I told him. He proceeds to tell me that "when" you sign a new contract you upgrade. Hmmm....So I ask the guy "Your gonna to charge me $37 because I signed a contract to continue my cell phone for two more years?. That doesn't seem fair. I don't understand. I didn't upgrade anything?" So the guy tries to explain it to me again. I tell him it's unfair and ask if there's anyone I can speak with about removing the charges. He then  agrees to remove the charges from the phone. So there you go. Moral of the story...question any and all misc charges these forkers try to throw at you.

I know some of you might think...geez it's only $37. But $37 will buy Lorrie and I supper at Duffys in Esperanza.  It's all a means to an end.


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