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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saying goodbye to Hawthorn.....

It is with heavy hearts that Lorrie and I said goodbye to "Thorn" today. We both knew it was coming and wondered if he would make it when we were in Vieques this November. But as fate would have it he left  us before our trip.

Saying goodbye to pets is tough and I'm not sure what is the right way to do it. Today it was just one last walk to the point with Thorn. Just him and I, like we had done a thousand times before.  Only this time  he was so weak that he couldn't make it all the way back and I knew, it was time. I'll miss him waiting for me when I get home each day. I'll miss him howling each night after he eats. But most of all I'll just miss the unconditional love that a pet can bring into a human beings life. So goodbye Thorn...I'll miss you.


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