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Friday, November 16, 2012

Carpe diem.....

Seize the day, the last day, that was our mantra . We decided to end our visit in the place we started two weeks ago, La Plata. We arrived at the beach at 9am, it was empty..of course. First order of business for me was to make a new sign. The other one, "just another hut", was back out our house destined for another hut in the midwest (we liked that one so much were gonna hang it in our little cabin back home). So...with driftwood in hand and tasked with ginning up a new shingle to hang out front I began:

After a rather lengthy discussion we decided on the popular translation for our days motto (we were actually having a problem deciding if diem was ie or ei ,so we opted for the translation).
So...new up and hanging it was time for yoga and a swim over  to the gallery.  By this time only one other couple had showed up on the beach. The swim wasn't bad, we've really gotten a lot better in the last two weeks. We took extra time doing our curator duties, knowing full well that the gallery would be left to others after today. Surprisingly very few pieces were knocked over. On the way back I picked up a few pieces of trash that I had missed last week. Upon beginning the trash duty I quickly realized that I was gonna need a trash bag. So back to the cabana it was to get one. I returned to the gallery side of the beach and did a thorough cleaning. We can honestly say that La Plata looks much, much better than when we arrived two weeks ago.

Part of our beach time involves people watching, it's a natural offshoot of spending a lot of time sitting in beach chairs. Lorrie and I were watching these two couples to the right (south) of our place. The girls in the party were sitting in chairs reading and the guys were busy gathering sticks and rope. I told Lorrie that I think they're gonna build a cabana, lets watch. I could tell that they didn't really have large enough branches, nor enough of them. Didn't take long until I took pity and brought over my stash of rope. Then I gave them the few nice pieces of bamboo I had cached near our place. Then finally I turned them onto where to find some really nice fallen palm fronds. All in all they did a decent job for the limited amount of time they had.  For some reason the girls didn't seem that  impressed.

We got to talking to them and found out they were two newly-wed couples on their honeymoons and they hadn't met before hooking up at the W. Really kewl and also made Lorrie and I feel like  dinosaurs. They did ask if we had any advice. Lorrie said "well, after being together for 32 years I think you had better do things together, otherwise what's the point of being married?" Pretty smart cookie I have for a wife.  Their names  are Ryan and Madeline from New York and David and Chelsea from New Jersey.  We wished them the very best on their new journeys.  I have one shot of Lorrie talking with Ryan and Chelsea:

Rest of the day was just spent taking it all in.. Still seemed impossible that two weeks had gone by so very fast. Before we knew it La Plata was back to the way we greeted it this morning, just us and the ocean.

Didn't take Lorrie long to get things set up to watch the day come to a close.

I quickly manufactured another stand for our MP3 player, we needed our music playing in front of us for our final hour.  So we sat there, closing the day out as we've done for the last two weeks. Freddie Mercury was singing Bohemian Rhapsody, the scotch and coconut water was perfect and Lorrie and I were intent on  grabbing every last molecule of light that the day would give us.

I think it was 6:05 when we finally started picking things up. I had went to the garbage can to dispose of that last of the trash. While I was away someone walked up on Lorrie, naked I might add..she was changing. It was a female fish and wildlife person and they told her that the beaches were closing @ 6:30. Scared the sheit out of Lorrie...we both got a laugh.

Was it great, yes. Will we miss it, yes. The only saving grace is that we'll be back in 10 weeks to do it all over again.

Did I ever tell you that I love this place.



  1. Hope your journey home was a safe one. We'll miss you but think of you when we're there in nine weeks.