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Friday, February 12, 2016

Hortas BBQ....

We decided to take a  break from La Plata  and show our friends Sun Bay. It was just last year that Lorrie and I, after 5 years, had finally learned to appreciate just how beautiful Sun Bay is. No sooner did we get our chairs set up that we noticed this husky who decided he too would set up camp in the same spot. This dog spent the entire day behind my chair. Every once in a while he would stand up and spin a bit, dig out his nest a little then plop back down. He never bothered us, even though he was literally right next to our gear. He never begged for food or ever really acknowledged we where all sharing the same spot in the sand. Great dog and my new amigo.

When Brad and Becky did finally arrive and set up camp next to us , Brad had a chair malfunction. As soon as he sat down in his beach chair it collapsed. It was one of those moments when all one can do is laugh...and we all did.

We spent the entire day on Sun Bay. It is the quintessential Caribbean beach with it's palms and huge crescent shape.


Brad gave a demonstration on the finer points of handling a Medalla with a coconut water chaser.

In the end it was all smiles even without the Medallas. We left the beach and headed for the bio bay. It has been 5 years since Lorrie and I did the tour and I have to say we were a little bit apprehensive about just how well it might be since you can no longer swim in the water during the tour. That was a really life experience for us when we did in that many years ago.

First, I was so impressed with you  many improvements they've near the entrance to the bay were you board the boats. Nice sidewalks with these glow in the dark rocks embedded in the concrete. Pedro, who works at the historical trust, was our guide on the tour. As we got out into the bay he would stomp his feet on the boat and all these fish would dart away, in the process causing the water to glow that blue that the bio bay is known for. We all got to get into the water on the ladder of the boat, kicking our feet and watching the water glow like something inside a blue glow stick. The talk Pedro gave of the night sky was much easier to follow since we had already listened to Robert and learned the winter circle.

The tour took about 1.5 hours, so it must have been 8:30 when we left in search of some much needed dinner. I had ask Pedro, just prior to boarding the old school bus that serves as your transportation on the tour,  where's a good place to go eat? He told me "Hortas BBQ." He explained it was a place where a lot of locals go and the price was such that he could take his family. Hortas is located on 200 just west of the gas stations.

We had 1/2 rack of ribs in guava bbq sauce, rice and beans, and salad. The bill for lorrie and I was $30. The food was fantastic, one of best we've had in all our trips if you include the price point.

Same pallet tables that Smokey had last year.

I met the chef of our meal, Sammy,  and congratulated him on a job well done.

We are planning to return to Hortas next week, maybe with Joy and Bill. I would encourage people to check this place out. Super good food at a bargain price.


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