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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Muchos gatos, revisit.....

 Weather has just been about perfect, hence the reason I'm behind on my postings.  We've been wanting to share so much with our friends. Part of that unfortunately is the ongoing problem with garbage. Judy and Andre have been plenty busy picking up the garbage on La Plata, it is looking a lot better, that is until the next storm blows in a new wave.

I wanted to take Brad up to the rock cliffs to the right of La Plata and then around to Escondida. I knew he would enjoy the vista and all the cacti along the cliff faces.

The vista from up top is really spectacular. 

But as is always the case...with the good, comes some bad. One just can't help but notice the garbage piled up in little crevasses and inlets. Everything from plastic liters to pallets.

I explained to Brad that in all my travels to Vieques I've developed a "back of the napkin" sort of analysis of what is typically found  washed up on the beaches. Plastic water bottles rank real high on the list and is why I eschew them. If one was to walk a rocky reef or some beach on Vieques you can just about guarantee you get water bottles, gallon oil jug or two, at least one shoe and a cigarette lighter per garbage bag.

But enough of that...reality checks can be depressing. There are treasures to be found in the ocean.

And strange creatures to film

After the beach it was off to Coqui Fire for dinner with Judy and Andre. I wanted to arrived in Isabel early so that we could show the cats to Brad and Becky.

Before we left Beso's we grabbed a couple shots of everyone dressed for dinner:

 As it was we got into Isabel too early for the cats...so we strolled down to the cemetary. I know sounds kinda morbid, but there's a eerie beauty about all these gravestones and the stories behind the lives of each.

With the light fading I knew it was close to feeding time down at the cat house. Once again we timed it perfectly as the old man was just beginning to feed:

Nearing our reservation time it was off to Couqui Fire, which is just around the corner from the cats.

Judy and Andre were meeting us.

Lorrie had the "big kahuna" burrito.

I had the carnita...again...for the qazillionth time, and it was every bit as good as the very first time I ate it. Jimmy food and a Couqui Fire margaritta...man just doesn't get any better. Especially when it all happens with dear friends:



  1. Glad to see you are enjoying yourself! I see you are back at Besos as well! Curious if there have been any changes there. It will be two years since we last rented there, and we are trying to finalize plans for this summer.


    1. No...nothing has changed. Same old furniture, same great views. I will say that Jay has been over the top fantastic. The stove wasn't working when we arrived and he had it fixed the next day. Amazing, given the resources on the island. It is so quiet here...we really like it.

  2. We truly enjoy your posts and return next week for our third year in VQS. I was going to ask you about more places to eat and you've already convered three in your recent posts. Thanks!