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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mojito Monday....

We have found this mint infused rum from Don Q that makes some great mojitos. All you have to do is add club soda and ice. This was our mantra for Monday,  a mojito Monday.

Back on Esondida. The privacy and vista is wonderful and because of the way the beach lays it gets constant winds, hence zero no-see-ums. Our day was spent lazily gazing out watching the boats sail in and out of Ensenada Honda.

I did some more beach cleanup. Another full jeep load and it still doesn't look like I've made that much of a difference.  Gathered a couple huge fish nets from the waters edge:

Other than the trash pickup it was a lazy day....

that ended in a rum induced, tropical breeze, salt air, coma.

To say life is good doesn't even  begin to capture how wonderful it all is. We just took it in, maybe a bit too much on the mojito end of the scale.

We had plans that evening to meet over at Judy and Andres. Every Tues they have an informal gathering where we discuss a topic and maybe watch a video or two that's pertinent. Finding happiness was the topic for the evening.

 Left Escondida a little early in order to drive over to La Plata and confirm that things were still on for this evening. As it was we managed to hook up with them right as they were heading to the lighthouse.  None of us had yet to see it so we were happy to join them.

The lighthouse, Puerto Ferro,  was just opened up last year to the public. I've talked to a number of people who had tried to see it in the past but ended up just getting tickets. It had been off limits. The lighthouse was first lit in 1896 and is one of the last to be built by the Spanish government.

 The road to the lighthouse is to the right, south, as soon as you enter the refuge. It's a long gravel road. There are two parking areas. It's a long walk from the first one, so I would suggest that people wanting to visit the lighthouse go to the second one. The road leading to the lighthouse is well maintained.

and the vista is...well...beautiful and hard to capture.

After leaving the lighthouse, Lorrie and I drove back into Esperanza. It was happy hour at Bananas and fish tacos just seemed right.

Great day, great food, great island....we had gathered plenty for our evening talk. Before heading over to Judy and Andres we walked to the seawall on the Malecon and watched the sun set. Beautiful mojito  Monday.


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