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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting to the island....

We got up @ 3am this morning. Left the house @ 4am and arrived at Indy-Park & Fly about 5:30am. Check in at US Air was smooth and fast. I can't say the same thing for Airport security. We stood in line for EVER. They've got new scanners, at least I think they're new? Anyway...made it through with about 30-40 mins to spare. When we arrived at the gate I heard an announcement about some upgrades they had available. I had tried, the night before, when I was checking in on-line to do an upgrade, but for some reason the US Air web site wouldn't allow it. We were able to upgrade to first-class for $50 a ticket. Made for a comfortable first leg of our trip.

When we made it to Charlotte we had just enough time to grab a sandwich. We arrived at the gate and they were calling for last boarding? It was almost an hour before flight time? So we boarded and then we sat on the plane for nearly an hour. Next the captain says "Folks we're having some problems with our pre-flight checkout". Deja vu. Our November trip last year had the exact same problem and we didn't get onto the island under 9pm. The thing about this trip though is that our Cape Air tickets were booked separately. So we need to make that 2:25 flight out of San Juan.

It's 10:30 and we're finally taking off. If the flight takes the 3 hrs, like the captain says it will, we'll have right at an hour to get our bags, check them in with Cape Air, make it to the Cape Air gate and make our flight. We'll see. For right now...I'm getting a Glenlivet and just enjoying the flight. Lorrie's having a Gin-tonic.

Vieques here we come.


  1. jeez, that's stressful! Either those drinks are appropriately sized buckets, or those bottles are way too small!

  2. Thanks and we're trying. Spent the day at Orchid. The water is very warm right now.