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Monday, November 3, 2014

Back on island.....

Ah yes...that time of year again. We had thought that we finally had the right set up to get on island well before the sun set and "maybe" make it to the beach that's only 7 minutes from the house we're staying at.

Nope, didn't happen.

USAir decided to delay our departure out of Indiana by 3 hours. Then they decided not to delay it. Then during the course of the flight they delay it 4 hours total. Thank gawd that Cape Air is so flexible. We were finally able to catch the 7:30pm flight out of SJU and get on island around 8pm.

We slept in our first day, Sunday.  Having not had the time to secure any provisions we decided to go to Tradewinds and get a Sunday breakfast. Dottie was there, as usual, busy making everyone feel at home. Very quiet on the Malecon this morning. The meditative quality of the sound, smell and vista of the ocean, while enjoying a great breakfast, began to reset our clocks to island time once again.

While we were  I recognized as a Navy worker. I walked over and introduced myself and ask   if La Chiva and the rest of the refuge would be open soon? I thought of explaining to him how we've been going through this La Plata withdraw and it was really getting serious, but I doubt he would have understood.  What he told me was  that the Navy part of the clean-up was complete but they, the refuge PTB I guess, were going to wait for the vegetation to regrow? Rumor on TA is that the beaches are unrecognizable right now.

After breakfast it was onto Morales for provisions.  Lots of them, we spent $230. The thing that struck me was how many plastic bags were being used for just our purchase. The gentleman bagging our stuff double bagged everything. That's a lot of plastic and we are just one person.  Seems there should be a more environmental friendly option.

Got back at the house around 11am. Still having that travel hang-over we took a much needed afternoon siesta.

One of the advantages of staying where we are is that there's nearly 3 miles of beach just 7 minutes walk from the house and that's where we went our first real afternoon. Walked all the way down to black sand beach.  On our way back, as we were coming around a point of rock, they were two stallions racing right at us from the other direction. All four of us stopped and stared at each other, both parties being startled. Lorrie and I backed into the water and let the two race on. Of course I didn't have the camera or video. It would have made for a great video as we were only 6-8 feet apart when we "bumped" into each other.

While walking the other direction towards Playa Grande we found this boat:

Lorrie checked and I checked it out. You can't help but wonder under what circumstances it ended up this way. It did have a registration sticker from 2013 on it.

For some reason seeing that boat on shore made me think of that Grand Funk song "I'm your Captain". Don't ask me why. Maybe because 1971 was a good time and I was once again having a really good time, back on island. See ya maƱana.

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  1. Thanks for the post, Curt! Glad to hear you are back on island and enjoying your selves!