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Friday, November 7, 2014

Rainy, rainy day....

That has been the radar all day long. Also this has been the first time in 4 years that it has rained almost solid for a week. Yesterday we got  about 1/2 the day before the rain came in.

In beach news I can attest that Playuela is covered in stinky seaweed. I swam over there from Caracas yesterday. Found  a kewl cave on the rocky shoreline between Carcacas and Playuela. I'll have to get some video of it this weekend or next week.  Media Luna and Navio are both suppose to be covered in seaweed too. We opted yesterday to not try the drive down to Pata Prieta. The car we've got barely makes it as it is. 

So we've just been sitt'n back and chill'n today. Good thing my wife and I are such good buds. I could see how this my try some couples patience. Not us...just groov'n on a rainy day. 
(also one of the reasons we come for two weeks)



  1. Curt, My husband and I left Vieques the day the rain rolled in and I've been enjoying reading your updates. Sorry to see the weather has been bad for you. Your blog was a great resource for us. We had awesome weather but lots of sargassum to contend with. It was our first time to Vieques and I admit I am a tad sad it took away from our experience. Just curious, how deep is the water when you swim from Caracas to Playuela? We visited both but perhaps it is the lifeguard in me I wasn't ready to make the swim.

    1. Sara,

      The way Vieques is right now is not even close to the way it normally is. The sargassum seaweed coupled with the beach closures are hurting things for first time visitors. The weather is always a toss up when you come in the very beginning of season. Yesterday and today have been perfect. A cold front has moved in an cleared the skies. Perfect weather. Regarding the water depth, I'm not really sure. You can walk along the rocks quite a way out on the far western end of Caracas, towards Playuela. I just swam over because the surf was up. If you were to take a noodle with you it would be a real easy swim. Even the swim out to the little isle off of Caracas and Playuela is not that bad.