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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Body surfing Caracas.....

Sitting here in the late afternoon sun (yes, we had sun today), I'm missing the other beaches. Up until now I hadn't really realized how much they are the reason we come to Vieques. We have  spent this first week at Caracas. The car we've got now would never make it to Pata Prieta, especially given all the rain we've had.  While  Caracas is a nice beach, some of the character and wildness that La Plata and even Playa Chiva exude doesn't exist, Maybe it's because of the amenities on Caracas (banos, shelters, the parking lot) that creates and underlying current that feels all too familiar. Not quite the gulf coast but something akin. Just my own jaded observation.

Caracas topped out around 50 people today. Surf has been building all day long and has been up all week. Lorrie and I got in for a while and did battle with some real big waves. Big enough to take me down more than once. This surf brought out a number of body surfers, some of which are pretty darn good. I got some video of them working the waves:

About the time we were watching the body surfers we saw a family come down,( father and 2 boys and 1 girl), and get in on the action. When they arrived I mentioned to Lorrie that I thought the girl was maybe too young to be in those waves. I mean, we just got out and it wiped us both out a number of times. It didn't take Dad long to make her go up on shore. He meanwhile stayed out with the two boys who seemed to be handling it all fine. We saw the young girl up on the beach not very happy with dad's decision. I whispered to Lorrie that she didn't look all to happy, but it was the right thing to do. She just wasn't quite as strong as the boys and she nearly got wiped out. She finally left that area of the beach and walked back down where mom and the other women were. Ah, but then not 10 minutes later mom came down with the young girl in tow. The two of them went into the water, hand in hand , out to the father and the two boys. Then it happened. First wave buries the young girl, mom too. As the young girl is trying to get up out of the water another, much bigger wave, just destroys her. When she comes up, she's crying, coughing and noticeably shaken. She's having some trouble due to all the water she just swallowed. Vomits a little.  Mom and her both head back to shore. I hated to see that happen to her. Got to respect the ocean when the surf is like that.

There's this sand crab that's set up house right next to my beach chair. Either that or I've set up house next to his abode. At any rate, he's not in the least bothered by me and is flinging sand out of his burrow sometimes landing on my foot.

This evening we had dinner at Tradewinds. In all our trips to Vieques we've never ate dinner there. I have to say it was one of the best we've had. We set out on the veranda and the breeze and ocean vista were the best. Lorrie and salmon with west indie spices, I had the pork mofongo. Both were great. I had a rum punch thing and Lorrie had two glasses of Merlot. Total was $70 before tip. We've ate breakfast there twice now this trip. Can't say enough good things about the Tradewinds restaurant.  be

Lastly, but most importantly, today marked Lorrie's 50th B-day. Sitting across from her at Tradewinds, with the evening sky, man ....makes you realize how lucky you are. 34 years I've been with this beautiful woman. Doesn't get any better.

We think we're headed to Playa Grande tomorrow.



  1. Happy Birthday Lorrie! We had our last supper at Tradewinds last Feb, and we have to agree that everything was excellent and so reasonably priced. Silas said his steak was the best steak ever. Enjoy the rest of your stay and we'll see you in Feb. 2015.

    1. Can't wait to see you guys too. Weather is definitely improving for our second week. I just might have to try one of those steaks Silas was talking about.

  2. Filet mignon I think it was. Enjoy!