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Monday, November 16, 2015

Nobody's home....

Lorrie and I have been taken back by the lack of people on island now. We continue to visit beaches where we are the only ones or very few.

I'm not complaining now mind you, it's just really taken us back. Maybe it was all the chatter about the seaweed invasion and there was a lot of seaweed when we arrived a little over a week ago, but it has since disappeared. Another thing that we have watched happen the beaches transform. All that seaweed is building them back. La Plata is as good as it ever is in Feb now, even over towards the gallery.

We walked over to the west side of La Plata along the rocks to check the vista. Of course it's the same, but one just can't seem to get enough of it:

It's so beautiful

It's been eerily quiet at Beso's too, either that or we're just noticing it more. So nice watching the sun light up the big island as you drink your morning coffee.

Now all this talk of no one on island doesn't mean we haven't kept meeting great people, we have. We seem to run into more at Sunbay though.

We a great couple from Canada, yes Canada. Jeff and Melissa. Luckily I had a full cooler of Medallas that day. They are first timers to Vieques and know a lot about Costa Rica, their fav.

We ended up giving them a ride back to their Villa since they had some problems securing a jeep this trip.

That same day we met Eric and Hollan. Ended up watching the sunset with these two and splitting the proverbial atom.

 Like I said earlier I'm glad I had plenty of Medallas, These two were nice enough to take us out for dinner at Next Course later that evening. Super kind gesture....and great people.

So...when I say nobody's home...I might be mistaken. Those great people we always seem to meet here, are still here.

Maybe just a little harder to find.


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  1. Looks a lot better now than in Oct. I hope it holds out for us in Dec. Things still going good with house? I hope we can make a deal on the house we are working on. Got a fence quote of $23k that sounds about right for two acres.