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Friday, November 13, 2015

Winds of change......

If you remember the eighties the way I remember the eighties, you remember the Scorpions. If you've  been to Vieques and walked into your bathroom at night and seen one of these, you'll also remember the Scorpions:

Yes, Lorrie found this  guy in the bathroom here at Besos. I armed myself with some bug spray they had in the kitchen and put him out of "our" misery. Texted Jay, the property manager, just to let him know we saw one. I wasn't sure if it was worth mentioning or not. I know there are scorpions on island along with tarantulas and some other creepy crawlies. Jay was prompt and sent the exterminator out the next morning, which wasn't the reason I called, but showed good property management on Jays part. The house has been nearly devoid of pests and this is the very first scorpion we've seen in all our trips. 

The scorpions, the band, were singing about "winds of change" and that's what we've experienced here in the last day or so. La Plata has turned back into what it always was, beautiful. The seaweed is disappearing with the winds and building new beachfront in the process. There's been and inordinate amount of garbage strewn along the beaches though, but between Joy and Bill's efforts plus ours, we're getting things presentable.

We've had La Plata to ourselves almost exclusively, this reminds us of old times. The returning sand, especially under the portia tree over near the gallery really makes it feel like when we first saw it.  Lorrie and I have managed to reconstruct the gallery. I balanced this one piece for the 4th year in a row now. 

The water clarity is nearly what it is in Feb.

It is as beautiful as ever. Closed the beach down that day with Bill and Joy. We are kindred spirits.

As you can see the beach was packed.

This is Vieques....this is what it creates.

As is always the case it was getting that time, the no-see-ums were reminding us it was time to go.

But the evening was still young and we had decided on Lobster to end this very last night with our good friends. 



Can you hear us Choli? 

We want the langosta perfecta.

And he did not disappoint

To say this was a great day doesn't even begin to convey what it really was. In the end, it's just good times with good friends, in Vieques. 

"Here's to nights we'll never remember, with friends we'll never forget."



  1. To say we had a blast doesn't even begin to cover it!!! So much fun with such wonderful friends...we can't wait to do it again!!! Love you both!!!

  2. Ha! Andrea made a late night trip to the bath last February @ our place and saw one of these feisty critters too! It sort of was glow in the dark, so that's how she was able to see it. She had the presence of mind to trap the fellow under a glass, and I had the honor of dispatching it the next morning. Enjoying keeping up with your adventures.