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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Long shadows...

Last few days have been spent on La Plata. It has reminded us of when we first came to Vieques. Yesterday we had the beach to ourselves all day long and as a matter of fact there were very few cars in the turnouts to La Chiva, like maybe 5 total. Totally different than last year. I guess this changes just like the sand near the gallery.

Met up with a  friend who is in the final stages of finishing a house right near the ferry. We got to see it last year when they had just begun. The transformation is unreal and the views out of the living/kitchen area are gonna be something. This is one we're gonna have to try out. I have a particular affinity for fine craftsmanship, it is evident throughout the place. I noticed that the roof beams in the master bedroom had been chamfered, a beautiful touch that shows attention to detail. It should be coming onto the rental market soon, very soon.

Like I said, we've just been enjoying ourselves, hanging out on La Plata. In the evening when things start turning that beautiful gold color, we always take a walk. It's a very special time. On last nights walk I took a video cam along. Nothing special, just a walk along the beach with long shadows:



  1. Curt and Lorrie, it was good to meet some fellow Hoosiers in Vieques. We appreciated your suggestions, and enjoyed the conversation about your prairie! Looking forward to another trip in the future, and hopefully we'll cross paths again!

    Thanks, Jeff & Kim from Indy

    1. Jeff and Kim,

      Very nice talking with you two and I really enjoyed the "prairie talk". (I never, ever, get to talk with someone about it that knows as much as you do.) Vieques is a beautiful place and La Plata is a jewel, as you now know. I look forward to seeing you guys again, on island.


    2. Thanks Curt! It's rare that I get to have those conversations as well...It's always fun to talk native prairie...especially on a beautiful beach in the Caribbean! Look forward to another trip in the future...we won't get there as often as you, but looking forward to seeing you again on the island as well!