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Friday, November 15, 2013

The naked truth....

Ah yes, it's Orchid Beach 'au naturale'  number three. We got to La Plata early, had to wait on the rain  to stop. Not long after we set up we noticed another couple, we heard the car doors. They hit the beach deliberately and on a mission. They had chairs, coolers and were trailed by two dogs, but that didn't stop them from walking all the way over to the gallery. I mentioned to Lorrie that they were up to something, cause no one sets up camp over there. Sure enough it didn't take long to see, I mean REALLY see, what was going on. 

Off came the cloths and they hit the water wearing nothing but a mask and snorkel.   We were curious how they would act once more people showed up. Within a couple hours two more couples came onto the beach. Which brings up another observation. Lorrie and I have noticed how many times people walk onto the beach and just freeze, not sure what to do or where to go.  We call it the "beach coma". The naked ones, across the way, were in no way comatose. They were in and out of the water. He was parading up and down the beach in front of the gallery.  It did limit traffic over that way. No one else was going over to the gallery.

Then it happened. Lorrie saw it first, I never heard them at all. Lorrie tells me, "Look who just showed up."

I ask this officer  if I could take his picture. There were three of them, all on horseback. We knew that more officers on horseback had been added to combat the recent crime wave, but we had yet to see them in action. We really like seeing the police on horseback. For one it just fits better. Last Feb we had a guy on an ATV drive right by us on the beach when we were on La Chiva. That was kind of annoying. These guys on horseback are unobtrusive. The officers were all very nice too, real gentlemen. They were making their way down the beach when it looked like they caught sight of  what was happening across the way. They headed all the way down to the east end and  then one of them went into the water, still on horseback,  headed towards the nudists. I grabbed the binocs and watched assholes and elbows trying to get cloths back on. It was funny.

The officers didn't go all the way over to the gallery, I guess the couple getting some cloths on was enough. They left as quietly as they came, great way to move around without anyone knowing it. No car doors to be heard from them.

After about 20 minutes things were back to normal. What I mean is, the cloths came right back off.  Lorrie, I and most everyone else decided to stay on our side of the beach.

It was a beautiful day on La Plata. The water was the clearest we've seen it in two weeks.  We watched a couple storms pass by out at sea.

Cabana held up just fine in some fairly strong winds all day
We didn't  close out the beach today, still had to wash the car, inside and out, pack.  Left the beach today about 4pm and right as we were leaving this rainbow forms. It looked like it was originating right over the two nudist, by the gallery.

For some reason this old song came to mind:

Left the refuge and went to the car wash, the car was a mess. After that I suggested to Lorrie that we should stop by Mamasongas and check out the upstairs, maybe grab a burger. Lorrie agreed so that's where we headed.  Being still  early the place wasn't very busy. We got a table in the corner with plenty of shade.

There's a nice view of the street and peeks of the Atlantic.

Looking around  I could tell it would be a really fun place to spend a late night with friends.

Here's another shot of Lorrie at our corner table by a tree that overhangs.

That tree had a surprise for me when I sat back down. Lorrie noticed it first. There was this huge iguana climbing up a branch right behind my head.

Let me tell you this was one huge reptile, it was also the closest Lorrie and I had ever been to one. He didn't seem too bothered by us at all.

Lorrie and I ordered two burgers with fries. We had ice tea to drink. We would have ordered more but I didn't realize that they only took cash. We had $40 with us. The bill for the burgers was $27. Great meal and a really good price. As a matter of fact most of the entrees we saw were $10-$15.  Good food, good service and good atmosphere.  I like this place.

Back to the house to begin packing and picking things up. Been a great trip, can't wait to be back again (in 9 weeks).

Ended the day with a beautiful sunset.

I'll be uploading a video review of Colores Del Mar when we get home. The Internet connection
  is just not really fast enough here to get it done.



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  2. I always make a beeline for the area past the rocks on La Plata, beach chair over my head and set up camp right on the other side WITH bikini firmly in place! (this is Jenni, thought I should clarify ha) I loved that spot before there was a gallery and will just have to claim my spot before the nudists arrive. Didn't make it to Mamasonga this trip, my loss, glad you got there.

  3. Too funny. We look forward to your review of Colores Del Mar. Are considering it for a rental