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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Please keep the cabin clean....

Back home now, got in late last night, something like 1:30am. Weather was horrible. A pelting rain and gusty winds made driving on the interstate treacherous. Awoke this morning with the travel hangover, plus it's one of those Paynes Gray days outside, no more Vieques sunshine. We did bring back some warm weather with us. It's 60 degrees. Warm enough for me to brave the elements and check on the property. With all the wind we had last night I was worried there might be some damage.

It is a strange feeling to go from wearing flip flops and shorts to blue jeans and muck boots:

Big change obviously, as is always the case when we get back home. Your a little depressed because first, the weather is no where near what you've just experienced for the last two weeks, and secondly  you know that tomorrow it's back to the grind.

Around a point of woods and I could see just how many leaves I was going to have to get swept up.

This perfectly clean when I left two weeks ago.
This lane was all cleaned off too. Keeping the leaves off this lane allows the moss to grow thick on this path. You can  also see the standing water, we really did get a lot of rain overnight.  It was about this time, when I was looking at how drab everything was,  that I noticed something in front of me. You can just barely see it in the picture above. Right dead center of the lane. I walked closer and burst out laughing, totally snapping me out of my melancholy.

Do you recognize this sign? Have the Refuge personnel  been on my property while I was away? Here's a closer look:
What a hoot! I couldn't stop laughing. That is a T post, much like what was on La Plata. The sign is nearly a carbon copy, plus it's laminated with a plywood backer just like the original.  I know a couple guys who have WAY TOO MUCH time on their hands, and they didn't just stop with one. Noooo, there was another one zip tied to the little beach tree right outside the cabin.
 This took some effort. They had to take the picture,  create the sign. Laminate the sign. Gather all this and pack it back to the lane and then set it up.
After seeing the signs I had to go get Lorrie and show her. On my way back  to get her I saw the backside of the first sign:
 Thankfully they drew the line at ordering concrete and setting steel. This made my day and also made me realize just what a great bunch of guys I work with.

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  1. Glad you made it home safe and sound. The signs are priceless. Thanks again to both of you for sharing your Vieques adventures. Lou in Iowa.