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Friday, November 8, 2013

Playa Voltios....

Being tired from our trek to Jumping Rock we hung around Colores Del Mar today. Lorrie was able to sun up on the roof deck while I uploaded video. I finally ended up using the YouTube video uploader cause my MovieMaker software just kept crapping out on me.  I think I'll continue to use it in the future.

It was a beautiful day and I got to sit in the kitchen here and what the ferries and boats head toward the main island. Watched rain drift across Puerto Rico. I was so quiet here at the house today. Very relaxing.

Along about 3pm I ask Lorrie if she wanted to head down to Voltios beach to close out the day. We have never been on that stretch and it's only about 3 minutes from the house, actually it would be an easy walk, but we did enough of that yesterday.

Voltios beach gets it name from the electrical cable running from the substation out in the water on it's way to Culebra, I would guess. Here's a google earth shot of it. I have the electric cable marked with a yellow arrow. We hung out at the yellow X:

Lorrie decided to walk the beach, I was content to just sit in a chair and drink a couple beers. (Told you she was tougher than me).  The Atlantic side had the typical wave action we had seen before in Feb.

And now that she was taking her walk it was time for a cold beer and to chill-ax. We only had two beers left from a case of this Carib Lager that we had bought. I kinda like the stuff. Beer in hand I was ready to bring the day to a close.

There was just one problem. I couldn't find the bottle opener, I guess she didn't pack it. Yes I know what your thinking, I could have packed it. Lorrie takes care of that kind of stuff and she's damn good at it too. All was not lost though, I had my leatherman packed. 3 minutes from the house or 3 hours a boy scout is always prepared.

Ahh..all was good in the world again.

One beer later I could see Lorrie on her way back and by the look of the way she was holding her right hand I could tell she had some kind of treasure. Did I mention that during our trek to jumping rock she was picking up sea glass and shells and depositing them in my backpack, a lot of times without me know it!

Hopefully there were no more hermit crabs hiding in her cache.  We closed the beach down, it was a beautiful evening.


  1. Hi Curt and Lorrie,
    I am enjoying your daily posts. We are big fans of Playa Grande but not sure we are as tough as you two! In fact, I am positive we are not. Are you staying at one place this year or splitting between two homes? Thanks for sharing your holiday. We do not arrive until the end of February. Lou in Iowa

  2. Hi Lou,

    We are spending the full two weeks at Colores Del Mar. That hike out to Jumping Rock was tough. We pushed the envelope on that one. Just getting to explore all that wild beach was a blast though. We are coming back the first two weeks of Feb. Too bad it wasn't later we could hook up and I would buy you a drink.


  3. It was great to meet you today, kinda surprised me although it shouldn't since I'm always saying it's a small island :)
    Stop in if you're passing by this week or we'll catch you in February...Enjoy VQS!